Returning family of 4 plus Grandmother

We’re back at the farm to celebrate our son’s 10th birthday!  We had nothing on our schedule but working with Terry!  Feeding the animals (I guess they were full when we left), cleaning the barn, planting oats in the field, moving the donkey fence, collecting warm eggs and eating them soft-boiled in the morning.  What a treat!

Two surprises were awaiting us:  egg hunting in the house and, more exciting, sheep shearing.  It was hard to imagine the sheep without their thick wool blanket.  The cousin of my Mother was so delighted to get a fleece to spin and knit…

Thank you so much Terry and Jean for these wonderful days connecting us with Mother Nature.  Sometimes I am dreaming of such a life which might be hard, but so meaningful.  Someday perhaps, we’ll be happy to follow your path.

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