Polly began her life at a neighbor’s farm. When they suddenly had to move back to town, Terry decided to “rescue” Polly and offered her a home at Hoehn Bend Farm.

It was not at all clear what breed she is—our large-animal vet thought she was a cross between a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig and something else. We thought she was the pig equivalent of a “mutt” in the pig world.  Recently we have learned that she is probably an American Guinea Hog.

Polly is truly the Farm Ambassador. She eagerly comes to the fence, wagging her curly tail, when anyone approaches the fence.

Polly is the most enthusiastic, and noisiest, eater on the farm. She loves almost all foods except onions and peppers. We do give her the kitchen scraps from our Farm Stay guests. Polly particularly enjoys all kinds of melon skins and banana peels.

We always want to be with you when you enter Polly’s pasture. She is friendly and loves scratches on her back, but she has very poor eyesight. When she is hungry (which is most of the time), and if she smells food, she can be a little too eager to find that good-smelling food.

Polly has amazing habits that you will be able to observe. She digs up her pasture with her nose. She makes a bathing pool in the summer that we fill with water for her mud baths to stay cool. She completely covers herself up with straw at night when she goes to sleep. She has a superb memory and knows the location of the apple and plum trees even when she has not been over by the house in a year.

Our Farm Stay guests often select Polly as a favorite animal. She is eager to meet you!