Around the Farm House there are a number of areas outside for sitting, relaxing, and eating:

  • A pair of old-fashioned rocking chairs are on the front patio,
  • The deck outside the dining room has a large wooden picnic table with built-in bench seating,
  • The carport has two patio chairs and a small table in a covered area,
  • Another picnic table rests on the grass near the outdoor chicken coop and donkey paddock,
  • A hammock chair hangs from the apple tree, and
  • A wooden bench is placed in front of the pasture for animal viewing.

Along the front patio, two elevated planters hold herbs that are ready for you to cut to freshly season your meals.

A propane BBQ is located on the carport and is available for your use.

The barnyard driveway area offers ample parking for cars, a motor home, and/or a boat.