It may seem odd, but the mudroom in the Farm House is a very popular room! From the barnyard, it is the easiest entrance to the Farm House. Wet or muddy shoes or boots can be left here to dry. Wet coats and jackets can also be hung here. A small rocking sofa offers a place to sit while putting on and taking off footwear.

We have a collection of children’s boots in the mudroom (as well as various sizes of adult boots in the shop). Please feel free to use them during your stay.

The mudroom also stores TV trays, folding chairs, a port-a-crib, booster seat, and food cooler for our guests to use if needed. In addition, a collection of balls as well as croquet, badminton, and bocce ball sets are located in the mudroom and can be used by our Farm Stay guests. Maggie, our collie, particularly enjoys playing ball with our guests!