Maggie was born in November 2011 and came to live with us when she was 10 weeks old—a little, spunky tri-color Rough Collie. In other words, she would grow up to look like Lassie although her coloring would be black, tan, and white.

Maggie quickly learned that Hoehn Bend Farm is a very busy and exciting place. There are lots of sights, sounds, and smells. Indeed her long collie nose fits quite nicely in the holes left by the field mice out in the pastures.

Maggie has learned the location of all her fellow critters—kitties, cows, bulls, goats, Polly, chickens, and “dinkeys”. Also, ask her to go to the barn or the shop and she will dash to the right building. In fact, ask Maggie, “Where’s Terry?” and she will usually know where on the farm he is working.

Collies are a herding breed and Maggie definitely has some instincts about how to move animals from one place to another.  Maggie loves the other critters on the farm and interacts with them whenever and wherever she can!

Maggie also loves our Farm Stay guests, especially the children. She is very gentle, even when touching her long collie nose to the tip of a toddler’s nose. She has actually helped a number of young Farm Stay guests overcome a fear of dogs.  Maggie is always ready for a game of ball—she’s not a retriever, but she sure likes to retrieve balls—or play soccer. On warmer days in the summer, after a hard day of herding animals and people, Maggie is quite content to recline and just be petted.