Kinder Goats are a relatively new breed of goats, developed in 1986 in neighboring Snohomish County. The 1st generation of Kinder goats resulted from breeding Nubian (tall, elegant diary goats) dams to Pygmy (the smallest breed of goats) sires. Kinder goats are known to be beautiful, gentle, and amazing producers of high quality milk.

Mama Ivy had her first kids (yes, they are really called “kids”) on January 10, 2015. She had triplets, all females. (The official term is “doelings”.) We named them the “Spice Girls”: Pepper, Ginger, and Poppy (as in poppy seed).  We brought Mama Ivy and her doelings to our farm when the little girls were 10 days old. They were the sweetest baby animals we had ever seen. They were so tiny that anyone could hold all three at the same time; they really loved to be cuddled and then rocked to sleep.

The doelings were incredibly agile and quickly learned to jump onto overturned buckets and walk a balance beam.  After just a few months, they were nearly the size of Mama Ivy. Out in the pasture with Polly, the pig, during the daylight hours, our Kinder goats are a constant source of delight. A 1948 Dodge truck provides an awesome climbing structure for them!