Our cattle are “grass-fed”—they are out on the pasture as much as possible and fed hay (that has been produced from our fields) when it is too wet to graze on grass.  We do not feed grain at any time.  We also do not use antibiotics or hormones as we raise our beef cattle.  Their hay comes from fields that are fertilized only with manure, never artificial fertilizer.  The cattle have an idyllic life within a small herd where there is never any competition for food, water, or shelter.

Our animals are Dexter cattle, an Irish heritage breed, which is the smallest breed of cattle.  This means that the cuts of meat will be smaller than from larger breeds of cattle.

Grass-fed beef from Hoehn Bend Farm is purchased by “hanging weight” (that is, the weight of the beef carcass).  Hanging weight will be unique to each animal.

We estimate that our live steers weigh approximately 1,000 pounds, and expect hanging weight to be approximately 600 pounds for each animal. Approximately 60% of the hanging weight will remain after the processing (cutting, wrapping, and labeling the meat) is complete.  One-quarter (about 85 lb.) fits in a box 12” x 24” x16” (a bit over 2.5 cubic feet).

Beef can be purchased in any of the following quantities—quarter, half, or whole.  Our grass-fed beef is sold by the pound of hanging weight.  In addition, the buyer pays the butcher for cutting and wrapping services.

If you are interested in purchasing grass-fed beef, please contact us!