Grandparents and 2 grandsons from Bellingham, WA

We do not want to leave!  Our short stay here has been filled with so much joy, love, and care.  You have created a beautiful setting with every comfort imaginable.  The farm house is delightful.  I loved all your special touches—fresh flowers on the table, farm-themed toys, interesting books, and relaxing atmosphere.

Thank you so much for giving the boys so much time, teaching them what running a farm is all about.  It was a joy to watch them experience feeding the animals, climbing on the bales of hay, and riding through the fields in the Jeep.

Spending time with you was extra special.  You both have such generous and giving hearts.  Thank you for a beautiful memory for us and our grandchildren.

Grandson from the Group above: I really enjoyed our stay.  It was really fun to be able to walk outside, grab and egg, and then cook it.  The animals were great.  James Bond was my favorite.  (His name is really cool.)  Finally, the hay fort was awesome!  I had a lot of fun playing in that.

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