Welcome to the Farmhouse!

The Farmhouse is where we host our Farm Stay guests. A single story home that was originally built at the turn of the century, the Farmhouse has been completely remodeled with new amenities and conveniences that will enhance your stay with us.

The Farmhouse is located near the barn and pastures that are home for many of the animals. The Farmhouse is also adjacent to a large open field that is very peaceful and serene most any time—rise early and catch a glimpse of our resident elk or many native birds, or stay out after dark for a dazzling display of stars.

The Farmhouse is the only residence on the farm and you will have the whole house for your personal, exclusive use. We do not live on the farm and while we will be there during the daytime, we typically leave the premises at dusk and hope you appreciate the privacy.

The Farmhouse has 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom that can comfortably accommodate 6 guests.

Our motto for the Farmhouse is: Cozy Comfort in the Country. Our goal is to create that kind of experience for you!


A rustic pine table that comfortably seats 6 guests is the center of the dining area. Folding TV trays and chairs are stored in the Mudroom and can be used for additional guests.

A substantial collection of cookbooks, many with Pacific Northwest themes, is located on a bookcase in the dining room. Perhaps you will try out a new recipe or two during your Farm Stay visit.

A screen door at the end of the dining room opens onto a large outdoor deck with built-in seating and a wooden table for outdoor dining. Indeed, when the weather is pleasant, we most often find our guests eating their meals outdoors! The Italian plum and apple trees have been known to provide the dessert for lunch or dinner.


When you first enter the house, you will be in a large, open living room and dining room that are perfect for socializing.

While we provide a small flat screen TV, a DVD player, a few movies, and a CD player, the living room is also a great place for reading a good book, sitting back on the couch and enjoying conversation, or playing board games. We absolutely love board games and have equipped the Farmhouse with games made from reused barn wood—the games decorate one wall of the house and yearn to be taken down for playing chess or checkers, Chinese checkers, or Parcheesi!

An oak cabinet contains toys for our youngest Farm Stay guests, including the ever-popular Fisher-Price farm with numerous farm animals.

A bookcase adjacent to the sofa holds a number of books—many about Skagit County and Western Washington as well as guidebooks for hiking in the Cascade Mountains.


The Farmhouse can comfortably sleep up to 6 guests in our 3 bedrooms:

The master bedroom has a queen-size bed in a large room at the front of the house that has afternoon sun. Two bathrobes are tucked into the closet for your use.

A second bedroom has a 4-poster bed, hand-made out of fir, that accommodates a double mattress.

As you pass through the Jack-and-Jill closet, you enter the third bedroom that has a daybed with a trundle. These two twin mattresses are very comfortable for our younger Farm Stay guests as well as adults.

A port-a-crib and booster seat are stored in the mudroom and are easily available.

We provide bed linens for all of the rooms including sheets, pillows, blankets, and comforters.


Adjacent to the dining room is a newly remodeled kitchen that is very spacious and fully equipped for you to prepare your own meals. The kitchen has two ovens, a 4-burner electric stove top range, a dishwasher, a microwave oven, and a full-size refrigerator. In addition, there are small electrical appliances including a coffee maker, toaster, and blender.

The kitchen is supplied with a wide variety of pots, pans, baking dishes, and utensils. We hope that you will find everything that you need to prepare your favorite meals. One guest commented that our kitchen had more utensils and gadgets than she had in her kitchen at home!

We stock the kitchen with a few basic cooking ingredients such as flour, sugar, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and about a dozen seasonings. If our hens are laying eggs, we will leave up to a dozen eggs in the refrigerator for your use. (And none of them will have white shells!) Coffee, tea, and hot chocolate mix are also provided.

Meal preparation is up to you. The Food Pavilion is a major grocery store on Highway 20 that offers a full array of food.  Also, the Woolley Market is on the main street in Sedro-Woolley and offers specialty and locally-sourced foods.  During the summer, there are farmers’ markets that offer fabulous produce. Also, there are a number of restaurants in Sedro-Woolley if you prefer not to cook.

Because the farm has a well as the source of water, we provide bottled water for you in case you prefer to use it.

Due to our septic system, we do not have a garbage disposal. However, we have Polly (our pet pig), goats, and our chickens that typically love the leftover scraps from your meal preparation. We provide a canister for those scraps, sort through them, and then feed them to the appropriate critters. Polly would like you to know that watermelon, cantaloupe, and banana peels are her favorite snacks.

Also, we try to recycle as much as possible. Recycling bins are placed in the carport for your use.

In the back corner of the kitchen, a washer and dryer are ready to receive any wet or soiled clothing. We provide laundry detergent so there can be clean clothes in the morning!


Crisp white wainscoting and a white lace shower curtain welcome you to the bathroom in the Farmhouse. The bathroom was remodeled very recently and is furnished with:

  • A tub and shower (complete with a rubber ducky for our young Farm Stay guests)
  • A pedestal sink
  • Medicine cabinet with mirror
  • Toilet
  • Open shelving for additional towels and washcloths
  • Excellent lighting

We provide bathroom linens, toilet paper, facial tissue, and hand soap. We suggest that you bring your own shampoo and other hair products.

In a linen closet just outside of the bathroom, you will find a hair dryer, small sewing kit, first aid kit, and feminine hygiene supplies.


It may seem odd, but the mudroom in the Farmhouse is a very popular room! From the barnyard, it is the easiest entrance to the Farmhouse. Wet or muddy shoes or boots can be left here to dry. Wet coats and jackets can also be hung here. A small rocking sofa offers a place to sit while putting on and taking off footwear.

We have a collection of children’s boots in the mudroom (as well as various sizes of adult boots in the shop). Please feel free to use them during your stay.

The mudroom also stores TV trays, folding chairs, a port-a-crib, booster seat, and food cooler for our guests to use if needed. In addition, a collection of balls as well as croquet, badminton, and bocce ball sets are located in the mudroom and can be used by our Farm Stay guests. Maggie, our collie, particularly enjoys playing ball with our guests!