Our three miniature donkeys were a gift from one of Jean’s sisters who has miniature donkeys and adores them. Fortunately a fabulous mini donkey farm is located in Mount Vernon on Best Road.

Julie and Todd of JF Miniature Donkeys helped us select our miniature donkeys and have been great mentors and provided lots of resources for us.

Miniature donkeys are a separate breed that originated on the islands of Sicily and Sardinia. Unlike standard donkeys that may be known for being stubborn, minis are sweet, very social, and lovable.

Meet our three donkeys, or as Terry calls them, our “dinkeys”:

  • Bond James Bond is our gelded male and loves to pose with Farm Stay guests. We usually just call him “James”.
  • Priscilla is a lovely jennet or jenny (a female) who has the white nose. “Prissy” is her nickname.
  • Rhianna (also a jenny) and Priscilla were born only a couple of weeks apart and have been friends ever since. We just could not separate “Wee-Wee” from her best friend Prissy.

All of our dinkeys are halter-trained and can easily be led from the barn to their outdoor pasture (during the colder, wetter months of the year). Farm Stay guests in the summer will be able to take the dinkeys for a walk, and a good brushing is welcome year-round.