In May 2012, the telephone rang at 5:30 in the morning. “Your chicks have arrived”, said the postmaster. Terry raced down to the post office and brought home the newborn chicks. They were hungry and thirsty and ready to explore their new home in the laundry room of our house.

They grew quickly and a few weeks later, we moved them to Hoehn Bend Farm to the mudroom of the Farmhouse. Then a few weeks after that, they began to live in the outdoor chicken coop, also known as the “Hen Hilton”.

Thanks to a second coop in the barn with a heat lamp, the hens began laying eggs in November 2012.

Since then we have added a second flock (in 2015) and new chicks (Flock #3) in the Summer of 2016. We enjoy having a mix of breeds in our flock, so we select chickens that are attractive, tolerate our weather conditions, are comfortable with other breeds, and lay eggs that are not white 🙂

Most days we transport the chickens from the barn to the outside coop, and then, at the end of the day, back to the barn. The “Chicken Transportation” task is one of the most delightful daily activities at the farm.

Buffy was the most social of our hens. When she was young, she would often ride on Terry’s shoulder during the transportation between the indoor and outdoor coops. As she grew older, she liked to be nestled in a visitor’s arms and carried to the barn coop.  She succumbed to old age.  We miss her greatly.