Three cats used to live in the barn: Mama Kitty, Donnie, and Tacko. The two males are sons of Mama Kitty.  Unfortunately Donnie succumbed to a rare form of melanoma.

Mama Kitty was found as a stray kitten a number of years ago on Fender Farm. She moved into Terry’s house in West Seattle, where he was living at the time.  She was an indoor-outdoor cat, and had two litters of kittens. Donnie was kept from her first litter and Tacko from the second. In West Seattle, the cats roamed the neighborhood, but usually came indoors to sleep at night. The move to the barn at the farm was easy for Mama—she has “farm” in her genes (or so it seems).

However, the two boys took quite awhile to adapt to their new environment.  To make the winter easier, we installed a high ledge with cat beds and heat lamps 🙂 Mama Kitty is always eager for attention and enjoys meeting our Farm Stay guests. Tacko is more cautious and shy, but if he is present when you visit, you may be able to pet him. Like all cats, they typically find interesting places to sit–tractor seats are a favorite location–or to sun themselves. Mama Kitty also likes to “supervise” the filling of the food bins for the other critters on the farm.

A young, coal black cat appeared in our barn in November 2016. This cat was obviously very skinny and ate ravenously when we offered food. After only a few days, the cat allowed petting. Then a trip to the vet revealed that the cat was female, that she had been spayed, and that while she was under-weight, she was otherwise healthy. Farmer Jean named her “Ebony”, and Farmer Terry decided to call her “Bony Kitty”. She has not become friendly yet with the other cats, but she is intrigued by the chickens. Ebony has become a member of the Hoehn Bend Farm family.