farm_stay_skagit_hoehn_bendOne of many reasons why life on a farm is great is that each day is different! Sure, there are routine things that happen daily, such as the feeding of the animals, but other than that, you never know what to expect! Below are some examples of activities what might be happening. Please join us in feeding animals and other farm chores if you would like to participate in that way. However, if you prefer to sit in the hammock swing and read a good book, or otherwise just relax and enjoy the quiet of country life, that’s fine too.

Daily Activities

Animal Feeding: Every morning and evening, we make our rounds to visit all of the animals, feed them, and check that they have fresh water. We are happy to have you assist us, but please only feed the animals when we are present—it’s for their health and to make certain no animal breaks out of a gated pasture!

Chicken Transportation: Whenever the weather permits, we load up our resident hens on carts and transport them from their indoor lodging in the barn to their portable outdoor chicken coop. “The girls” appreciate the fresh air, more space, and fresh grass for scratching.

Egg Collection: Our hens may lay eggs in the indoor coop in the barn or in the outdoor coop, and at any time of day. We check frequently throughout the day for eggs and many of our Farm Stay guests enjoy looking for eggs too.

Miniature Donkey and Kinder Goat Parades: Our 3 miniature donkeys and our 4 Kinder goats spend most of their time outdoors during the summer.  However, when the weather is cooler and rainy, these critters shelter at night in the barn.  On those days, we have a “parade” as we take the donkeys outside to a pasture if the weather permits.  Leading one of our sweet miniature donkeys from the barn to their pasture is a favorite activity!  However, the Kinder goats are not halter-trained, so the “goat parade” is a bit more chaotic as we lead the Mama goat and her daughters follow her.  Farm Stay guests can help herd them.

Seasonal Activities

In the Winter: With the chilly winter weather comes a slower, more relaxed pace at the farm. This is the season that is perfect for catching up on your reading while warming your hands by the fireplace in the Farm House, or taking a leisurely stroll around the farm and surrounding neighborhood. Many of the farm animals stay largely indoors during this season, so winter provides a fantastic opportunity to feed and enjoy the company of the animals while they are in the barn.

In the Spring: As the weather warms up, spring welcomes new life on the farm in the form of gardening. This is when we set to work planting the garden and preparing for our busy summer activities. Our critters become more active and when the cows go out to the pasture, they literally kick up their heels.

In the Summer: Summer is our busiest time on the farm, and each day could offer a surprise. You might be here when a calf is born or watch the calves that are just a couple of weeks old have “calf races” in the pastures. We will also spend lots of time on hay production and we can always use an additional hay hand or two. Wild blackberries will be in season at the end of the summer and will be ripe for picking, eating out of your hand, or baking.

In the Fall: This is the time to enjoy the last bit of warm weather before winter. Head over to our pumpkin patch and pick out your Jack-O-Lantern or collect some squash for soup. Our apple tree will also be thriving with fruit that you can eat fresh off the tree or turn into apple cider using our antique cider press.