farm_stay_skagit_hoehn_bendHoehn Bend Farm is located in a quiet, secluded valley just 3.6 miles east of Sedro-Woolley in Western Washington. Venture out to the countryside and meet the owners of the farm where your Farm Stay hosts are Jean and Terry. Terry grew up on a nearby farm, is a 3rd generation Skagitonian, and has considerable experience working with livestock and farming. Jean is a relative newcomer to the farming lifestyle, but her passion for the farm and the critters is huge!

Our property consists of 30 acres and is home to a variety of animals including Dexter cattle, Kinder goats, miniature donkeys, chickens, barn cats, Polly the pig, and Maggie, our tri-color collie.

We purchased the property, a former dairy, in 2008.  As a result, the property is equipped with a large white barn and many areas for feeding, housing, and breeding cattle. Currently, we raise grass-fed Dexter Cattle, the Irish heritage breed of cattle that is the naturally smallest breed of cattle. We dedicate 5 acres of our land to fenced pastures for the cattle and other livestock. Approximately 20 acres are reserved for growing grass that is mowed, tedded, raked, and baled into dry hay during the summer and becomes the winter feed for our livestock.

Terry also owns a second property, Fender Farm, which is just a brief 15-minute walk down the road. This farm is visually dramatically different from Hoehn Bend Farm and is home to our pumpkin garden, a large historic barn, sweeping fields, and a Christmas Tree meadow. Access to Fender Farm is more limited due to the fact that permanent renters live on the grounds, but let us know if you would like to make seeing Fender Farm a part of your visit!

Activities on the farm vary according to the season. When you come to visit, it could be calving season, when you could witness the birth of a calf, or hay production could be in full swing. No matter when you visit, there will be no shortage of opportunities for you to meet and get up close and personal with our critters.

Farm Stay Skagit Videos

Quick look at Hoehn Bend Farm and How We Interact with our Animals

Michael Arthur made this video of our farm a couple of years ago. We had fewer types of critters on the farm then, but our love for them and their sociability has not changed.

A Typical Day at Farm Stay Skagit on Hoehn Bend Farm

This video was wonderfully produced by our friend Michael of Michael Arthur Creative Communications. He takes you on a walking tour of the interior of the Farm House and also shows us interacting with many of our friendly critters. Please sit back and we hope you enjoy seeing a typical day at Farm Stay Skagit on Hoehn Bend Farm.

Long Time Friends Visit the Farm for a Day

Carolyn created this fabulous video of their visit to share with our Farm Stay guests. Considering all that happened that day, especially to Bob later in the afternoon, it is amazing that they are still our friends.

Featured in the Skagit Tourism Summer 2016 Commercial!